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Thursday, May 24, 2007

does my car look like a taxi cab?

Where are all the men with cars? I used to want a guy with a nice car (yes, I said it.) But I’m to the point now where I don’t even care what kind of car he drives…as long as it isn’t mine! At least it would be nice if they didn’t pretend like they really have a car i.e. it’s in the shop, it’s back home (out of state), I swear I’m getting one next week…
I have had three men ask me to pick them up/drop them off at the airport. These are grown men (30+.) One even tried to pretend he was inviting me over for the night solely for my company when in reality he wanted a ride to the airport in the morning! Another one had the nerve to get an attitude with me when I said no to his request for me to drive him to the airport at 7am (mind you, it was also after midnight when he called to ask.) Are they serious?? Maybe a shuttle service would be a good side hustle…..

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