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Friday, May 25, 2007


So I'm a little concerned for this friend whose name I will not mention (out of sheer embarassment for her) who is involved in a very troubling situation. The man she is seeing not only does not have a car, he is on 45. He is practically homeless as he has no real home of his own, and seems to be slightly paranoid schizophrenic and something like an alcoholic. Every time they hang out they are drinking. I believe that the last time he went on his usual drinking spree he actually passed out on the floor of the restaurant and the bartender had to call someone to pick him up. Can you believe it? She was worried about him yesterday because he failed his drug test at his probation hearing. His drug his probation hearing. Did I mention he doesn't have a real job? Is she to blame for all the foolishness the rest of us have to put up with?

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