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Friday, June 29, 2007

the shallow end of pool

I'm not so sure if I'm being ridiculous and making problems where there are none. I'm dating this guy who is super cute and super sweet...makes me feel great...really really great...if ya know what I mean! He does have a small son who he takes great care of. Here's the catch: he works at Longhorn..and has been for five years now. He's currently in the manager-in-training program and he has aspirations of owning a restaurant or being a chef. Also, he is just now going to college for the first time...and he's 22. Should I commend him for working hard and taking care of his son or condemn him for just getting started on his education?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

shame on you

The other night I'm out with a boy (a consistent one) and everything is going smoothly, for once. He put together a little showcase/performance at a lounge and he invites me to watch the show, chill with him, etc. I'm just relaxing, sipping some wine while he comes back and forth readying for the show. The venue manager, who likes to claim he is the owner, looks at me funny and walks over to me. [Mind you, he tried to holla a couple of months ago and even picked up my phone to call himself with it whilst trying to holla (sneaky one!) He had the wackest game ever....ever. He wouldn't leave me alone and even followed me to my car! He kept asking if we could go to lunch the following day and I said sure knowing it was a lie. So I get a random text the next day saying 'Am I being stood up?' Clearly I'm confused, ask who it is and find out it's my little friend. I don't respond. Not cute. ] He acts like I look familiar to him but he just can't remember my name (I didn't tell him my real name) and then asks me to stand up so he can see how tall I am (wtf?) The boy walks back over and lame dude looks confused/stunned (did I mention they have a little beef?) So he asks the boy if I am his girl. The boy says yes (shocker there) and the lame dude says 'That's your girl? Can't be! She's a good one. See...I have her number right here' like we have ever spoken! Did I mention the lame dude is well over 30 years old? Damn shame.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

free passes

Why does a man (I use the term loosely) think that once he's had it once he has a lifetime free pass to have it whenever he wants? I get a text last night from one of those perpetrators asking "what's up with u?" and telling me "it would be nice to see u." We all know what that means: I want some. Now, if I haven't called you since the last time (which in this case was quite some time ago) then clearly I don't want it...or you. I know that in the past I have fallen for the "would be nice to see you" bit thinking that they really felt that way..that they wanted to really just see me. Silly me.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

sugar in the tank

So I go out with the girls and for a few drinks and some mingling and a guy I met a few days ago hits me up. So I tell him to come through. Mind you, when I met him I already thought he was questionable (his sexuality, that is) but I was just chillin so I didn't care. We meet up at a spot that has three levels; the basement is a mini club, the first floor is a bar, and the top is a cafe. He tells me to meet him up top so I do and we start chatting. One of the first things to come out of his mouth is how he notices all the women in the room with us, as well as their asses, and how straight he is. If you are straight then why would you have to proclaim that out loud?

Anyhow, the night goes on, we get a bite to eat and I'm thinking it's time to go. But this boy was so pressed to go dance. I insisted that I wasn't interested, tired, etc. but he kept pushing the issue. So I gave in to at least visiting the basement with him. There weren't too many people down there, most of the ones who were were just mingling so the dance floor was pretty empty. I sat down and let him get on the dance floor. Get me bodied comes on and this boy proceeds to bust out dancing like he is in the video! He even lipsynched the entire song while he smiled ear to ear and bounced around. What straight man bounces?

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

too young to be a cat lady

So I go to a friend's b-day party at a lounge this past Friday with one of my girlfriends. I wasn't really feeling it and was ready to leave when a couple of guys struck up a conversation with us. Things were looking up at first until he told me he was 27 and a restaurant manager for a place I had never heard of. My friend had to convince me that this wasn't such a bad thing; he had steady income, regular hours and was pretty cute with a nice body. But I wasn't impressed. I never seem to be impressed with the regular guy. I always want some thrill, some excitement but does thrill and excitement always come with too much baggage and drama? Does that fine guy with the hot job automatically spell endless private calls and significant others they said didn't exist? Should I settle for predictable and pacified? I don't know if it's such a good thing that I have cats already..

Monday, June 4, 2007

mind control: the new form of birth control?

So the girlfriend I previously mentioned (see: Intervention) has officially entered the Twilight Zone and is beyond our reach. She now has decided that she doesn't need to take birth control and can freely have unprotected sex with this shell of a man who, mind you, already has FIVE children (mostly out of wedlock, all by different women) because she feels that taking that trip to the clinic is an easier option. WTF?! She feels that since he already has so many kids that he wouldn't purposely try to impregnate her (I guess mind control is the new form of birth control?) and could even get some sort of "medicine" that would make him sterile temporarily (I've never heard of this before on this planet.) These are her exact words:

I know FEMALES that are supposed to take pills everyday and do NOT and wind up pregnant... now some do not... but some do ;-). So what is the difference? Seems like you can't trust a female either with all these babies running around... at least I am outright not on it. lol.

I know men that take pills and vitamins daily for other things w/ no problem, seen it first hand actually.
Condom's break and there are many people that are here on this earth where a condom was used to prevent their arrival :-).

What he was talking about was something he can get at the VA Hospital that sterilizes you know what... you know he was in the military so he has free access over there whenever he wants...

Trust me this man already has me to himself and has 4 possibly 5 kids that the mothers barely let him be involved in their life & this last one is trying to get him arrested for chile support allegation because he won't deal/be intimate or show affection to the mother anymore... he is not trying to have another pop out of me anytime soon...

I promise she really said that herself. Note the "4 possibly 5 kids" portion. Logically speaking, his 4/5 kids came from 4/5 different women, all who he was with rubberless. Those are likely just the ones who actually got pregnant so we must consider all of the other ones who didn't.... I might catch something just thinking about him! Is she serious?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

and how old are you, little boy?

I wonder sometimes how old we are only because I see so much childish behavior. I actually had a grown man I used to deal with call me up after over a month to ask me why I no longer responded to him (see: I should have known.) The next day he again calls to tell me that he is cutting me off (like he wasn't already cut off by me in the first place) and that it is because another man came to him to tell him about his dealings with me and this man is beneath him (socially? financially?) therefore he can no longer deal with me as it would cut his standards. Mind you, both of these men are over the age of 18 and one of them is over the age of 35. Still can't believe it...any of it.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

hindsight: 20/20

Little did I know that one of the first men I would meet would set the tone for the remainder of my first year in the great city of Atlanta. First off, he was in the entertainment industry (much like EVERY other man I would meet) but was famous/popular for doing…well….I still am not really sure what he does. His brother is famous and in the music industry but all this guy is famous for seems to be looking like his brother and being an all-around manwhore (every time I have mentioned his name the other person made a funny sound….and not a positive one either.) Supposedly he spends all day in the studio (doing who knows what), goes out of town at the last minute and is just soooooo busy that he can’t find the time to call (for two weeks?) but yet can chronicle my life for those two weeks whilst he he was m.i.a. and will not hesitate to pretend that no time has passed. Let me not fail to mention his use of the “L-word.” You may wonder if this is a joke because I sure did! How do you completely neglect someone for days/weeks and then pop up and tell them you love them? Is he serious? Ridiculous.

Friday, May 25, 2007


So I'm a little concerned for this friend whose name I will not mention (out of sheer embarassment for her) who is involved in a very troubling situation. The man she is seeing not only does not have a car, he is on 45. He is practically homeless as he has no real home of his own, and seems to be slightly paranoid schizophrenic and something like an alcoholic. Every time they hang out they are drinking. I believe that the last time he went on his usual drinking spree he actually passed out on the floor of the restaurant and the bartender had to call someone to pick him up. Can you believe it? She was worried about him yesterday because he failed his drug test at his probation hearing. His drug his probation hearing. Did I mention he doesn't have a real job? Is she to blame for all the foolishness the rest of us have to put up with?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

does my car look like a taxi cab?

Where are all the men with cars? I used to want a guy with a nice car (yes, I said it.) But I’m to the point now where I don’t even care what kind of car he drives…as long as it isn’t mine! At least it would be nice if they didn’t pretend like they really have a car i.e. it’s in the shop, it’s back home (out of state), I swear I’m getting one next week…
I have had three men ask me to pick them up/drop them off at the airport. These are grown men (30+.) One even tried to pretend he was inviting me over for the night solely for my company when in reality he wanted a ride to the airport in the morning! Another one had the nerve to get an attitude with me when I said no to his request for me to drive him to the airport at 7am (mind you, it was also after midnight when he called to ask.) Are they serious?? Maybe a shuttle service would be a good side hustle…..