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Saturday, May 26, 2007

hindsight: 20/20

Little did I know that one of the first men I would meet would set the tone for the remainder of my first year in the great city of Atlanta. First off, he was in the entertainment industry (much like EVERY other man I would meet) but was famous/popular for doing…well….I still am not really sure what he does. His brother is famous and in the music industry but all this guy is famous for seems to be looking like his brother and being an all-around manwhore (every time I have mentioned his name the other person made a funny sound….and not a positive one either.) Supposedly he spends all day in the studio (doing who knows what), goes out of town at the last minute and is just soooooo busy that he can’t find the time to call (for two weeks?) but yet can chronicle my life for those two weeks whilst he he was m.i.a. and will not hesitate to pretend that no time has passed. Let me not fail to mention his use of the “L-word.” You may wonder if this is a joke because I sure did! How do you completely neglect someone for days/weeks and then pop up and tell them you love them? Is he serious? Ridiculous.

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