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Monday, June 4, 2007

mind control: the new form of birth control?

So the girlfriend I previously mentioned (see: Intervention) has officially entered the Twilight Zone and is beyond our reach. She now has decided that she doesn't need to take birth control and can freely have unprotected sex with this shell of a man who, mind you, already has FIVE children (mostly out of wedlock, all by different women) because she feels that taking that trip to the clinic is an easier option. WTF?! She feels that since he already has so many kids that he wouldn't purposely try to impregnate her (I guess mind control is the new form of birth control?) and could even get some sort of "medicine" that would make him sterile temporarily (I've never heard of this before on this planet.) These are her exact words:

I know FEMALES that are supposed to take pills everyday and do NOT and wind up pregnant... now some do not... but some do ;-). So what is the difference? Seems like you can't trust a female either with all these babies running around... at least I am outright not on it. lol.

I know men that take pills and vitamins daily for other things w/ no problem, seen it first hand actually.
Condom's break and there are many people that are here on this earth where a condom was used to prevent their arrival :-).

What he was talking about was something he can get at the VA Hospital that sterilizes you know what... you know he was in the military so he has free access over there whenever he wants...

Trust me this man already has me to himself and has 4 possibly 5 kids that the mothers barely let him be involved in their life & this last one is trying to get him arrested for chile support allegation because he won't deal/be intimate or show affection to the mother anymore... he is not trying to have another pop out of me anytime soon...

I promise she really said that herself. Note the "4 possibly 5 kids" portion. Logically speaking, his 4/5 kids came from 4/5 different women, all who he was with rubberless. Those are likely just the ones who actually got pregnant so we must consider all of the other ones who didn't.... I might catch something just thinking about him! Is she serious?


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