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Friday, June 29, 2007

the shallow end of pool

I'm not so sure if I'm being ridiculous and making problems where there are none. I'm dating this guy who is super cute and super sweet...makes me feel great...really really great...if ya know what I mean! He does have a small son who he takes great care of. Here's the catch: he works at Longhorn..and has been for five years now. He's currently in the manager-in-training program and he has aspirations of owning a restaurant or being a chef. Also, he is just now going to college for the first time...and he's 22. Should I commend him for working hard and taking care of his son or condemn him for just getting started on his education?


therapydoc said...

Why not just enjoy the man and get to know him better? Surely he's more than just this, just that.

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