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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

shame on you

The other night I'm out with a boy (a consistent one) and everything is going smoothly, for once. He put together a little showcase/performance at a lounge and he invites me to watch the show, chill with him, etc. I'm just relaxing, sipping some wine while he comes back and forth readying for the show. The venue manager, who likes to claim he is the owner, looks at me funny and walks over to me. [Mind you, he tried to holla a couple of months ago and even picked up my phone to call himself with it whilst trying to holla (sneaky one!) He had the wackest game ever....ever. He wouldn't leave me alone and even followed me to my car! He kept asking if we could go to lunch the following day and I said sure knowing it was a lie. So I get a random text the next day saying 'Am I being stood up?' Clearly I'm confused, ask who it is and find out it's my little friend. I don't respond. Not cute. ] He acts like I look familiar to him but he just can't remember my name (I didn't tell him my real name) and then asks me to stand up so he can see how tall I am (wtf?) The boy walks back over and lame dude looks confused/stunned (did I mention they have a little beef?) So he asks the boy if I am his girl. The boy says yes (shocker there) and the lame dude says 'That's your girl? Can't be! She's a good one. See...I have her number right here' like we have ever spoken! Did I mention the lame dude is well over 30 years old? Damn shame.


Rodrigo said...

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