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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

sugar in the tank

So I go out with the girls and for a few drinks and some mingling and a guy I met a few days ago hits me up. So I tell him to come through. Mind you, when I met him I already thought he was questionable (his sexuality, that is) but I was just chillin so I didn't care. We meet up at a spot that has three levels; the basement is a mini club, the first floor is a bar, and the top is a cafe. He tells me to meet him up top so I do and we start chatting. One of the first things to come out of his mouth is how he notices all the women in the room with us, as well as their asses, and how straight he is. If you are straight then why would you have to proclaim that out loud?

Anyhow, the night goes on, we get a bite to eat and I'm thinking it's time to go. But this boy was so pressed to go dance. I insisted that I wasn't interested, tired, etc. but he kept pushing the issue. So I gave in to at least visiting the basement with him. There weren't too many people down there, most of the ones who were were just mingling so the dance floor was pretty empty. I sat down and let him get on the dance floor. Get me bodied comes on and this boy proceeds to bust out dancing like he is in the video! He even lipsynched the entire song while he smiled ear to ear and bounced around. What straight man bounces?

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Anonymous said...

well, coming from someone whose husband is a self-proclaimed (or is it just Mom & I who say this?) "straight gay man" I speak with some authority.


Which isn't of itself, a bad thing, of course, but something to be aware of ;-) To make smart choices, you know. that sorta thing.